CMCL Differentiators



CMCL Broadband Services is always committed to provide best possible Quality of Service to all our viewers. There are some differentiating factors that helped us to reach and sustain our position at the zenith.



Relation with CABLE  Operators :


Cable Operators are the strength of any MSO. We are proud to have our cable operator friends who are very kind and supportive. Our long term association with operator friends has showed us the way to success. We are like a family and we share our views towards the cable TV industry to stay on the way of prosperity. We value this association and we are committed to sustain our bonding with cable operator friends to make it ever lasting.


Our relationship with our cable operator partners is itself an example of high quality business practice.


100 % Fiber Optic Network :


Unlike other MSOs we have laid our entire network on fibre Optical Cable. This helps us to send the signal with minimuml data loses and in result it provides a high quality picture and sound to the viewer’s television set.


Our Quality of Service makes us stay ahead of other MSOs in the country.


Management :


CMCL is founded by fifty cable operators, who have hands on experience on CableTV  industry since 1994. The members of CMCLs  Board of Directors are highly skilled and informed about the industry. Their foresight is an asset and the driving force of CMCL’s journey towards the TOP  of the industry, CMCL Management also consists of extremely qualified Professional Managers for taking the business to the next level.

Our experienced and skilled management takes us far ahead of the other MSOs.


Highly Skilled Employees :


CMCL is an equal opportunity employer. All of our employees are highly skilled and have the self motivating factor that makes CMCL to work as “Team CMCL”. We are rushing and working hard to make it “Brand CMCL” by augmenting the spirit and collaboration among all the employees. Most of our employees hold higher degree of education in their respective fields and they make us proud by contributing towards the progress of CMCL.


Skill, Knowledge and dedicated Hard Work of our employees makes us stand tall in the industry.


Adaptation to latest technologies :


CMCL Set Top Boxes are technologically far ahead of the ones being used by competition and are EQUIPPED  to support all the latest software upgrades.

CMCL Digital is now ready to provide to its subscribers the High Definition (HD) Experience, ahead of any competing MSO in the Region. All of this is being made possible only as a result of the sustained commitment of CMCL towards technological upgradations and adaptations.

Our experienced and skilled management takes us far ahead of the other MSOs.



Liaison with the Best Brands in the industry:


We have signed agreements with some of the big brands in the CABLE  TV and Information Technology industry to make our operations smoother and perfect. Their updated technology and valuable services makes us serve you better than other MSOs in the region.