Chittagong Multi Channel Ltd (CMCL) is a leading Multi System Operator (MSO) in Bangladesh started operations in November 1999 with an aim to serve the entire Chittaging division with the best quality CABLE  Television experience. Today CMCL is serving.


Now proliferated to the entire Chittagong division with 1 Digital Headend and 1 Analog Headend covering more than 800 KM Fibre Optic Network.


CMCL currently provides more than 200 channels with high quality picture and sound to its subscribers .


In Chittagong division CMCL was the first MSO to provide actual CAS environment to the end customers successfully. We are the first MSO in Bangladesh to provide itemized bills to our customers in Chittagong division zone. This in turn proves the strength of our Technological Infrastructure and skill of our employees.



CMCL’s Management:


All of the Directors of CMCL are highly experienced and astute people of Cable TV industry who started working in this industry when Cable Television concept first reached Bangladesh in early 90’s. They have an enviable track record and experience in setting up & functioning of CATV Networks, for the channel transmission. As having knowledge strength of networks & the contacts, have been active in the Cable TV industry.  With the start of the broadcasting boom in Bangladesh in 1994 they started CATV business. Their energetic and practical approach made them highly successful in the CATV distribution business.