Cable TV


CMCL network can provide you CATV Digital Signal with more then 220 channels.





CMCL network can provide Intra-net links between Head Office and your any branch offices computers as per your requirement.





CMCL’s We provides Internet Service Jointly with Continental Communications (Continental Groups).  you can obtain cleaner/high performance/undistorted quality Internet  Bandwidth via (SCPC / DVB / VSAT) from any among the connected any high quality bandwidth. High performance backbone is now almost ready to get connected to Global tire 1 Internet provider via Submarine optical fiber cable by February 2006.



Continental Communications Broadband Service


    • Affordability Cost of the basic service to the subscriber.

    • Downloading & uploading speeds.

    • Contention ratio, i.e. real available bandwidth.

    • Coverage/Availability of services in locality.

    • Range and details of various services offered.



Real time DVD quality video conferencing


Within Chittagong city (using End to END optical fiber) or even to anywhere in the Globe (via Satellite Terminals) now you may perform professional quality Full Screen 30 FPS (Frame Per Second) real time 2-  way video conferencing sitting at your own venue. This can save huge costs by reducing your managers traveling time to come to the Head quarters.  In short notice you can call a corporate meetings and participants can join without sacrificing their local business potentials.



Real time office/factory video surveillance systems


Excellent data transmission performance (avg. latency <5 ms) enables you to take the full control of your remote office/factory. Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras can be fit there and monitored and fully control them from your Head office/home.



Real time office/factory door access control/attendance monitoring


You can easily monitor each person entering/exiting your office/factory from your home. Integrated payroll systems can also be interfaced using CMCL. Simply by some keystrokes you can immediately stop someone undesired accessing your premises.



Fully digital data grade E1/T1/STM links (voice communication)


To protect your investment in carrier class E1/T1/STM etc, alternate or primary data grade links are also possible by conversions on top of our Optical IP CMCL Network. You may also connect your PABX / Central Switching Centers etc. to cut your existing transmission costs or build another redundant path.



And many many more applications are available. All of these applications can be run at same time from any of your CMCL connected locations without sacrificing connectivity performance at almost any weather condition.